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Why we choose Mentoring 

To change the trajectory of the Men-Tee's life by helping them.  We will have a stable social foundation, a continuity of goods and services and citizenry capable of pursuing their dreams they will contribute to the greater good. The transition from childhood, to adolescence, and to Adulthood, has become far to perilous, and unpredictable.  Too many of our youth are impacted by community violence, and poverty.  Our youth struggle to complete their education, which makes it hard to find and be qualified, for a career.  They need help to see the right direction to go, through their challenges and educational choices, and our support to be prepared for the workforce, or business ownership.  Increasing the engagement by the business community, trades, and other professionals is critical to its long term success.  We need financial support, along with experience, to nurture, and develop our youth..  By teaching skill sets, and preparing them socially, via soft skills will strengthen communities.  By having less violence and more productive citizens, that will become consumers instead of criminals in a large amount of cases.  We will enhance the confidence of the men-tees, improve school attendance, class behavior.  Graduation rates will improve, preparing for and being persistent to complete college.  By exposing the men-tees to new ideas, experiences, problem solving, effective communication, Leadership training, soft skills, job readiness, finding the root cause of their anger. Our men-tees will have a opportunity of being  successful productive citizens Mentoring is an increasingly popular way of providing guidance and support to all people. We must provide positive mentoring relationships with the best research based practices if we are to receive the best possible outcomes.  Mentoring is very much worth doing.

We are always sharing our lives with others and if you would like to share yours by being a mentor email us at

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