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Our History

From Our Ashes was founded in 2000 to serve the community of Roseland in Chicago but was not limited to that area we have been helping people all over Illinois from our beginning.

Our organization has mentored youth in neighborhoods Mobily since 2000 at shelters, churches, and park districts. Until now we didn't have formal training in mentoring, but now we are currently holding certificates in mentoring. Everyone that will be mentoring a youth will have a minimum of six hours of training ,and a internship of eight to ten weeks,

before being one-on-one with a youth. All of our staff will have mentoring training. Establish mentoring organizations that partner with us will not be subject to the internship. Those mentoring for our career, employment, and entrepreneurship training will not be subject to a internship as well. From Our Ashes is a not for profit 501c3 charitable Organization. We have strong relationships with business owners, and youth-serving organizations and will continue to grow relationships that will help our youth advance. We have and continue to feed, clothe and be a listening ear to the homeless, and the rest of people needing help in the communities we serve. Click this text to start editing. This block is a good way to divide sections of your page and add some color to your design. Double-click the image to change the background image. The transparent overlay color can also be changed from the "Settings" icon at the top of the block.

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