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Saving Our Sons And Daughters 

Mentoring And A Meal

Prison Prevention Program

Our organization is a not for profit charitable organization and our mentoring program is focused on anyone wanting to be mentored in their personal, educational, professional growth. Faith base organizations have played a much needed role in developing jobs, low income housing, social programs, providing start-up capital for businesses, and civic infrastructure in the United States. However, while there have been a few notable successes, there is a vast need to continue starting more programs. The vast majority of churches don’t participate in the economic revitalization of their communities. The African American church must be a vehicle for future change in its community, promoting partnerships . African-American churches in the past has desperately provided services needed by the community such as childcare, food banks, elder care, and senior housing. But the African-American church must be true to all the needs of the community including economic development and mentoring. The service it has been able to provide, however are crucial to revitalize their neighborhood. Communities need jobs, housing, businesses, and service to thrive. But it also needs more mentoring. Without any one of them the community will not be able to meet the needs of the people who live there. There lies our uniqueness we will implement in stages each part spoken of in our program for our men-tees. The faith base must be able to work with public and private institutions. With the help of God and institutions, We can turn the vision of rebuilding, neighborhoods into a reality. African American church must step up to help save their communities. The church should want to see the areas around them improve. We will focus on but not be limited to the Youth of the Incarcerated - Youth of the reentering citizen - Homeless Youth - Other at Risk Youth

Our Mission

To bring positive knowledge to our youth so they can be independent, productive citizens by empowering our at risk youth with better life choices, that enable them to maximize their personal potential, by helping them build their confidence, help guide them toward obtaining their dreams, help grow their ​mindset, and give them a sense of belonging, show and express their is hope.

Vision Statement

We envision every youth experiencing a nurturing one-to-one relationship and community support, allowing our youth to develop to their full potential, making informed responsible decisions as productive citizens of the community

Our Objectives 

To develop trustworthy relationships between the mentor and men-tee. Integrate mentors into college and career readiness programming with men-tee, take college tours help with essay. Mentor help men-tee stay on track by men-tee providing goals and timelines, mentor encouraging them to meet deadlines and achieve goals. Encourage mentors to reach out and work with other family members in the process of mentoring and host workshops for family attendance. Provide professionals for career mentoring that help them explore potential careers and relate to educational issues serve as a resource that can share insight and provide guidance about the workplace, careers, and education through formal and informal meetings that will be at workplaces or online. Give real experience to the men-tee have someone who really listens and pays attention. Help with professional skills have a mentor that ask questions about what their working on in school and what their learning and provide feedback. Know that their mentor cares that they matter and have a bright future. Help them relate what they learn in the classroom with the real world help them better communicate and relate to adults.

Receive a role model, a guide, a coach, an ad-visor, that is experienced, reliable, approachable, relatable, invested in outcomes, and a additional resource,. 

To have them learn about the different cultures. Ensure that the men-tee have a quality mentoring relationship through guidance and true concern for the men-tees development. To have the right type of support to help the men-tee set achievable realistic and stretching action plans.

Our Goals

  • Help the growth of our men-tee mindset 

  • Give them a sense of belonging 

  • Show and express there is hope

  • Teach them problem solving skills, and conflict resolution 

  • Teach them how to have perseverance and grit

  • How to have self management, self determination, and find their spark

  • How to have positive relationships, and build new one’s 

  • Teach career building, job readiness and training 

  • Give an understanding of the effects of drugs, alcohol, dropping out of school, and poor attendance, gang banging, and selling drugs, stealing, having low self esteem, and bad character

  • Help prevent suicide, sexual, domestic, and other violence

  • Provide College prep - act and sat practice, essay writing, fasfa help, and college tours

About From Our Ashes

Our organization was founded because we believe in helping people receive the tools and resources needed to have a productive life.  We were founded in 2000 and have been serving people every since.  We have hosted neighborhood fairs, business and job fairs, help disaster needs, fed and clothe the homeless, fed and clothe shelter residents, help single parent households, help families at Christmas & Thanksgiving with food baskets and gift cards, and toys.  Taught and continue to teach life skills, soft skills and job readiness.  Raised money for other not- for - profits and volunteered for their causes, mentored youth.  We have and still are a very involved organization.  We will continue our services along side the organization we birth the Women Of Worship Sorority founded in 2017  We mentor them into leaders.

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