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What is Mentoring?

It can be a coverall for coaching, consulting, advising, and teaching, all these are used at different points of the mentoring process to meet different objectives.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship between two people, mentoring is a development process, it is a brain to be picked, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

The mentor guides the men-tee for a certain duration of time. The uniqueness of the mentoring comes along with its grand source of intrinsic motivation, support, and understanding, it has a more personalized relationship between the mentor and men-tee

That is not usual for other forms of learning. The process is usually a minimum of six months, and normally ends after a year, unless the mentor and men-tee agree on a longer period. Mentoring allows the building of relationships based on trust, through a holistic approach, that differs from traditional career and personal guidance.

It allows individuals the opportunity to share their experiences, knowledge and skills in order for the person to develop personally and professionally.


Is one of the best methods to enhance individual learning and development in all walks of life.

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