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Employment - Apprenticeship - Business Ownership - and Mentoring Opportunities

Culinary Style Cooking

The Soul Kitchen

Participants will learn to cook culinary style, take and restock inventory, prepare food for deliver, deliver food, and receive a food sanitation and or food sanitation management certificate.

Business Management Customer Service

Work Force 

We will address work barriers, job readiness, life / soft & hard skills, customer service training, operating a business, aptitude testing, leadership and financial trainings, lastly provide vending opportunities.

Coming Soon


Saving Our Sons and Daughters Mentoring (S.O.S.A.D) 

Mentoring is an integral part of our program, it will help our participants with growth, employment, support and direction while in our program. We will match participants with professionals in the field they are training in for potential employment, apprenticeship opportunities or business ownership.


*In development not yet offered* 

Participants will learn welding, carpentry, H.V.A.C., plumbing, soldering, and electrical, lock smith, furniture repair, construction, property preservation, retail sales, lawn services and proper snow removal. Participants will also have the opportunity to obtain a 30hr OSHA certificate.

Mission - Goals - Objectives

Our Mission is to help alleviate unemployment, poverty, recidivism and homelessness among those we serve,

to help them be self-sufficient by training them in skill sets that will allow them to be productive independent citizens by providing their basic needs, such as - food- clothes - housing -employment - and business ownership.

Our goal is to help as many as possible from our resources as well through partnerships - collaborations - sponsors - individual donors

Our Objective is to give a hand up allowing the people we serve the opportunity to become self sufficient, independent productive citizens

Join our movement : - 219-680-9088

Our movement is to give a hand up

By helping provide : Food- Clothes - other basic needs 

 Through our Soul Kitchen

We serve a hot meal once a week

give clothes, hygiene products and other items

to three Recovery Houses

and a men shelter as we expand these services

will grow 

up coming: Workforce & Entrepreneur Training

From Our Ashes Enterprises Inc.

Our Social Enterprise is here to provide these services: 

Welding- Carpentry- Construction- Rehabbing

Labor Jobs

  Clean gutters- Garages - Basements- Attics-   Apartments - Houses - Businesses - Churches

  Snow Removal - Lawn Care- Heating & Air Condition


  We donate a great portion of the proceeds to continue

the work of From Our Ashes Inc.

 Call 219-680-9088 For a quote

Thanking Our 2023 Sponsors 
Shiloh Church
Beggars Pizza
Costco Store
Individual Donors
From Our Ashes Board Of Directors


For more information about our Soul Kitchen & workforce development  center click the button below

Soul Kitchen 

Join Our Movement


President - Toi Bowers

Vice President - Daryl Brown

Second Vice President - Darryl Peoples

Secretary - Willie Sims

Treasure - Sherry Doyal


Join Our Movement

Save Our Sons and Daughters

In life we all will or have needed a hand up that's the way life is we need you to join our movement so we can get people the right tools so they will no longer need a hand out or up but can have the opportunity to be independent productive citizens.

Saving our Sons and Daughters

Mentoring and a Meal

Prison Prevention Program 

Purpose - This relationship for the mentor and men-tee is a high priority for both. The mentor must consider being a mentor as one of their main purposes in life.  The mentor and men-tee must be clear on why their together and the reason their meeting.  They will discuss and agree upon what will be worked on, and will be able to recognize when the purpose has been completed.  

  • We will have Business owners, Community leaders, Corporate leaders, Trades members that will mentor our youth from 18-35 so they can connect and provide employment- apprenticeships- business ownership opportunities

  • We will provide job readiness - pre-apprenticeship - entrepreneurship - job training for  those selected by their mentors.  Those not selected will still be able to be provided training and place back into mentoring program until a connection is made. 

  • Mentoring sessions for 16 weeks, first four will be group sessions, last twelve will be with mentor.  Men-tees that will be hired will go through a 8 week job readiness class, meeting twice a week.  Men-tees in entrepreneurship will go through a 8 week training class meeting once a week.  Men-tees 

  • Training for apprenticeship  will meet for 16 weeks 4 times a week.

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